Central America is a narrow isthmus between North- and South America, it comprises the countries Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico and the states on the islands of the Caribbean Sea known as West Indies.

Explore the sunny cities with our walkers?!, - but be aware, Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur from time to time.


Havana (Vieja - Quarter)

Vieja is the historic city centre of Havana and an Unesco world heritage site since 1982. In this video walk you go along the lanes of Vieja where tourists usually do not spent there time. Enjoy to be part inside an authentic Cuban street life in Havana. If you interested in vintage cars don’t miss the end of the video walk (at 06:41 Min). (08/2009)

Havana Vieja - Obispo

This video walk shows you the part of Vieja where Tourist and rich Cuban go for shopping, bars, cafés and restaurants. You start with a little cheeky welcome by a local before you stroll through the street Obispo surrounded by Cuban Music. The video ends at the Parque Central with a view on the statue of San Martin. (08/2009)

Havana - Centro

Centro – Havana is famous for the Capitolio Nacional (at 0:12Min, on the left). After a little “Hello” by two funny Cubans, your video walk starts with a little panorama sight over an impressive architecture. At 01:19 Min you see people line up for newspaper (to line up is normal in Cuba) on the Av de Italia. Then you go along the Av Simòn Bolivar around the Parque El Curita, where you dive into the normal life of Havana including the unload of a Banana truck. (08/2009)

Havana - Taxi Ride

Well, when you call a taxi in Havana it is very likely you’ll get a ride by a Lada or Moskvitch (both made in Russia). But if you look around a bit, you’ll catch a very well maintained vintage car. Here we go, you go by a Ford Fairlane (1957) throughout Havana. Enjoy a ride in one of the rare cities in the world without any advertisement in the streets. And sorry for some wobbly records, but the roads are partially quite bumpy in Havana. (09/2009)

Santiago de Cuba - Jose A Saco

Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city in Cuba. In this video you walk down the Josê A Saco street which is located in the Casco Histórico Santiago de Cuba. Your walk goes along the street from east to west. At 0:54 Min you reach a little park where you join chess players and other artists on a sunny Saturday. (08/2009)

Santiago de Cuba - City and Port

At the beginning you walk along the Parque Cèspedes with to some musicians in front of the Catedral de Nuestra Seniora de la Asunción. At 02:10 Min you reach the Av Jesus Menendez which is the main street at the port of SdC. On your way back to the centre you stop at 3:46 Min to follow an invitation to take a look inside a Cuban office. At the end you enjoy a little view over Santiago de Cuba. Viva la Cuba! (08/2009)


Baracoa is a little town on the east coast of Cuba. It is a very authentic city because not many tourist come to Baracoa. On the daytime you meet the crowd on the street just in the morning time. Your chance! Start at the beautiful bay of Baracoa and walk through a place in Cuba far away from the tourist spots Havana and Varadero. This is the best videos from Cuba on Walkonearth! (08/2009)

Baracoa - El Yunque

The bay of Baracoa is not only beautiful, no, it has a famous first visitor either. None other than Christopher Columbus approached the bay of Baracoa on his first trip from Europe to America (1492). In this video walk you climb up to the hill El Yunque (very steep way, puhhh…) where you enjoy a very beautiful view over the bay of Baracoa. On the way up and down you get some impressions about the nature in this region. (08/2009)

Baracoa – By Car

Take place in a Cuba Taxi and drive from the countryside of Baracoa into the city. Drive through this quite place passing horses cars and old Russian trucks with an incredible exhaust fumes polluting the air. (08/2009)


Yes, Cuba has its own Trinidad and many tourist visit this place by bus from Varadero every year. But in your video walk you avoid the tourist spots to walk around in the smaller lanes of Trinidad. At the beginning you get a little welcome and a look inside a shop. At 07:20 Min you enter a Cuban market. Well, usually you wouldn’t call that a market but in Cuba that is what you spot when you look for one. (09/2009)

Varadero to Havana by Bus

Take a bus and see the countryside of North East Cuba. You start in Varadero with Havana as destination. At 02:22 Min your reach Matanzas before you continue your trip to Havana. Enjoy a bus ride to obtain a little impression how Cuba looks like outside the metropolis Havana. (09/2009)